"Phoenix" Longsword +1

Flaming Longsword +1

weapon (melee)
Base 15 gp
Masterwork 300 gp
+1 Enhancement
+1 Flaming
8000 gp
Total 8315 gp
Attack Damage Critical Type
+1 1d8+1 +1d6 Fire 19-20/x2 Slashing
Category One-Handed Martial Weapon
Weapon Longsword
Weight 4 lb
"Phoenix" Longsword +1
Flaming Longsword +1

An exquisite Castillian longsword forged personally for the Castillian noble for whom it was named after. As an additional step, the blade of this weapon was soaked in a special alchemical oil that allows it to ignite and burn indefinitely when in contact with air. As the fire emitted from the blade is non-magical, this allows the weapon to be used as a focus for an El Fuego Adentro’s fire spells. This also grants the weapon the equivalent of the flaming property.

The nature of the oil makes the sword nearly impossible to extinguish. Drowning the sword in water will prevent air from reaching the blade, but the sword will reignite if removed (even partially). For this same reason, it is immune to an El Fuego Adentro’s Extinguish spell. A special sheathe is made for the sword that creates a tight seal at the hilt and causes the fire to burn out when sheathed. The sword does not need to be completely unsheathed in order to ignite it, simply popping the seal (a move action) will allow air to reach the blade for re-ignition.

Acts as a Flaming Longsword +1 in all respects except the fire emitted is non-magical and can ignite flammable materials. As the fire is non-magical, it will burn its wielder for 1d6 damage per round when held and can ignite clothing if possible. An El Fuego Adentro (and all worn items) is immune and the flaming property does not deal damage against one.

"Phoenix" Longsword +1

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