Sawyer "Sawbones" Barnes

"Sawbones" Is a crazy old man who's seen things man, and some stuff.. and he wouldn't recommend it. He's a brilliant surgeon and a scary razor-weilding barber/knife fighter.


Sawbones is a barber/surgeon, and was until recently working in Port King as a medical doctor.
He has a little shop called “Sawbones’ Apothecary”. It is stuffed with various biological curiosities and stuffed animals which he has gathered over his decades long career. It is a small 2 story building with a storefront/laboratory/operating room on the bottom, and a meager living quarters upstairs.

Sawbones does taxidermy as a hobby and likes to stuff unique or interesting animals in his spare time. He says it “helps him to practice his stitching when he’s not needed”, and it also serves to satisfy his undying curiosity about anatomy. His favorite stuffed animal was once his beloved parrot “Mr. Poppers”, who died unfortunately, by getting into some of the dangerous chemicals in his shop. He now carries the stuffed parrot around on his shoulder and talks to it when he’s alone, sometimes even “feeding” it.

Sawbones has grown a bit mad over the years and some of his faculties are starting to slip away in his old age. He is still a brilliant surgeon, and very dangerous with a blade or two. He is surprisingly inventive, and able to make the best of most situations. He is well known for saving people’s lives with unorthodox and unheard of treatments when supplies or time were unavailable.

He does follow the Hippocratic oath, swearing to “do no harm”, though it has grown to be more flexible in his old age, as madness slowly sets in. His definitions of “harm” get more and more lax, and his resolve to follow it weakens as time goes by. Currently, he will try to save anyone that can pay him, and even if they can’t, assuming it’s convenient for him to do so, and he has the time. He will however expect anyone whose life he saves to pay him back in some way, be it favors, servitude, or cash. He will spare anyone who begs for their life, so long as they are sincere, and will even heal injured enemies if need be. He is not above robbing them first however, to secure “payment in advance.” He does not like to kill, however he is not above it if he believes it will prevent further death or suffering.

Sawbones is not above torturing someone for information, though most of what he would do is pure intimidation. He has the power to do tremendous harm, and won’t make any secret of that. However, as far as hurting someone, he’d be less likely to do any permanent damage, since he is by nature a healer, and doesn’t want anyone to die, unless they really really really deserve it in his eyes.

Recently he has acquired a nemesis named Johan at the tavern, when after the pirate mutiny, he knocked the man out, tied him up, and shaved half his beard off during interrogation. He also kept him hostage upstairs for a full night and made many empty threats to enrage the man. Johan swore his undying hatred of Sawbones, and promised to make him pay.

Sawyer "Sawbones" Barnes

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