Ricardo "Phoenix" Cortez

Level 12 Castillian El Fuego Adentro

Score Mod
STR 16 +3
DEX 18 +4
CON 18 +4
INT 17 +3
WIS 18 +4
CHA 12 +1
APR 16 +3
Total Base Dex
AC 27 = 10 (+131) 4
Flat 23
Touch 27
Total Base Mod
Fortitude 12 = 8 4
Reflex 8 = 4 4
Will 12 = 8 4
Attack Mod
BAB +9 / +4
Melee +12 / +7 +3
Ranged +13 / +8 +4
HP Sanity Honor DD
106 90 3 2
66,000 / 78,000

1 Unarmored Defense Proficiency (Master) – SA Pg.146

Cortez Family
Father Vincente I
Mother Rosalinda
Birth Order
Vincente II

Once the third son of a lesser noble family, Ricardo lived a relaxed life compared to his older brothers. As tradition goes, the eldest son, Vincente, was to inherit the family estate and the second eldest, Cesar, was to become a priest for the Vaticine Church. While Vincente became an honorable Caballero, a Castillian knight, and Cesar was to be a priest, Ricardo was left to pursue whatever profession he wished.

As with many children of wealthy families, Ricardo attended study at a local Vaticine university, earning himself a proper Castillian education. In the evenings, after school hours, Ricardo took up apprenticeship to a local blacksmith, Antonio Fernandez. He had also taken up swordsmanship in which he had practiced with Antonio on most days.

Upon reaching full maturity at 15 years old, Cesar decided to forge his own destiny, leaving the family behind. The following day, while an upset Ricardo was stoking the forge in Antionio’s shop, his El Fuego Adentro bloodline awoke and caused the forge to flare up, Nearly burning down the entire shop. Revealing his own El Fuego Adentro magic, Antonio extinguished the fire before it would have gone out of control. Over the next few years, Antonio taught Ricardo how to control his new powers and the scrutiny of the Inquisition against those who wield them.

As Castille was no longer a welcome home to him ever since the awakening of his El Fuego Adentro powers, at 17 years old, Ricardo set out in search of his brother. As a departing gift, Antonio forged a special longsword stained in Alchemist’s Fire in which Ricardo had named “Phoenix”. He had also taken the name as an alias for himself and for the last 5 years, Ricardo has been living as a traveling merchant and trader. Though still searching for his older brother Cesar, Ricardo has no idea his brother has been rising through the ranks to become the new king of the pirates as Blue Cloak.

Ricardo "Phoenix" Cortez
Ricardo “Phoenix” Cortez

Ricardo "Phoenix" Cortez

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